October 10, 2007

Is America's Sovereignty Obsolete? When Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said, “Americans have lost trust in their government” at the Values Voters’ gathering in Washington, DC, there was more than a wee bit of irony in his words. McCain elaborated on the theme yesterday on “Fox News Sunday,” saying the distrust comes from corruption in Washington, frustration at the Iraq war, incompetence in the Katrina relief and from failure to deal with illegal immigration. The irony is in the confluence of the two McCains: recognition that part of the distrust of government arises from a failure -- now six years after 9-11 -- to secure our borders from incursion by illegal aliens. McCain’s realization is not shared by President Bush whose press secretaries -- first Tony Snow and now Dana Perino -- have said that he is still convinced he was right in the failed “comprehensive” approach to illegal immigration which translated into amnesty for illegal aliens and would not have secured our borders. It is no exaggeration to say that a nation which does not secure its borders cannot claim sovereignty. Sovereignty -- the supremacy of political power a nation has over its own actions -- seems to mean a great deal less to free world leaders than to their Chinese, Russian and Islamist counterparts. It is important to frame the issue just that way because among the free nations, especially in Europe, sovereignty is eroding and unfree nations guard their sovereignty with paranoid fervor.


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