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January 14, 2009



When I first started coming back to God, I was on the Elijah List mailing. Soon after I felt led away from their focus of personal prophecy to a more sincere study of scripture and what God has to say about the future.

My issue has always been that it is easy to be led by feelings as opposed to logic and it seems to me that this holding up of personal prophecy like it is the Word so often seems to go against the Word or not quite line up.

There also seems to be focus on self and wealth and a general revival, but when I read scripture it speaks of greater persecution, falling away from God and great deception. I'm cautious because of society's focus on health and wealth and the message of self-sacrifice in scripture.

Of course this is generalization and while I don't seek out the prophetic in the Elijah List sense I discern what I hear when I hear it and compare it to what I read in God's Word. I would recommend writing Holly Pivec at www.fulfilledprophecy.com regarding more specifics to why she put this on the list.

There are some things I have a hard time with though, such as the idea of greater wealth for kingdom purposes, saints taking dominion and preparing for Christ's coming, etc. (http://www.fulfilledprophecy.com/commentary/the-other-bad-guy-of-bible-prophecy-what-holly/) According to scripture, it is the man of sin who will declare himself God with signs and wonders before Christ comes. We're warned not to look for Christ on the earth (Matthew 24:23-28), but it is possible that this idea of taking the kingdoms and preparing for Christ could lead some to be deceived into accepting the man of sin, who comes with signs and lying wonders and unites the kingdoms of the earth under him, as Christ - especially if they don't know their Bible and rely on modern prophecy.

My greatest concern is that in this coming great deception. I don't know exactly how it will unfold, but there is an attempt to reach all different faiths and bring them to a place of commonality that effectively eliminates the individual nature and brings in a New Age of enlightenment with signs and lying wonders. My worry is that this has infiltrated the church looking for signs and miracles and feelings, leading some away from the Biblical foundation into a more "living document" dictated by prophetic words from God. When the foundation of scripture is not there and "words from God" are directing belief, it's not long before the inevitable happens and the wolves take off the sheep’s clothing. I would recommend checking out Lighthouse Trails Research Project's website for more. (www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com) They don't focus on Elijah List, but address some of the more New Age aspects of the falling away.

I always recommend that we hold to Acts 17:11 and verify the spirits with what is written in the Word of God... And meditation is not ritual chanting or repetitive prayer, but meditating on the Word of God and what message He is giving us in what He wrote. That's where I put my faith, hope and trust.

Gilberto Ruiz

Please explain more about the Apostolic-prophetic movement is it right is it wrong. Is the Elihah list part of the false Apostolic-prophetic movement?


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