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January 22, 2009


Tim Casey

The best thing Israel can do is to ignore the EU and take care of its own business I.E. running Hamas out of existence and tell the EU and the rest of the planet to mind its own business.The EU should realize that the reason that Israel is doing what they are doing is defend themselves against a bunch of thugs who use kids and women as shields like "real men" and store all their weapons under a hospital. Israel isn't the bad guy here. They showed more patience that most would in having rockets landing in the living room on a daily basis. It makes me feel like going over there and pitching the Israeli leadership out the window for waiting as long as they did to do something about it. There is one thing for sure, if any other country reacted like Israel they would be vindicated for their action but the world hates Israel and they are always portrayed as the aggressor.Israel don't pay any attention to the winyass liberals of the world and take care of Israel and find some leadership with a backbone.ROCK ON!

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