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March 09, 2009



Scientists' stem cell breakthrough ends ethical dilemma


Lurker, you seem somewhat obsessed with race. http://watchmannewsletter.typepad.com/blog/2009/02/what-happened-to-february-16-2009.html#comment-6a010536390c9e970c011168d21fa9970c

I'm not sure why, aside from playing the race card, you feel I'm racist. I know this tactic and it only makes it clear that you haven't read my website.

So to be clear, there is no difference between white, black or any other race of people. We all have the same blood, the life of the body and are all God's creation. Moreover we are spirits only temporarily living in these temples of flesh and one day will receive new and immortal bodies. A true Biblical Christian cannot hate on basis of color. I consider myself a Biblical Christian, flawed as we all are, but also covered by the blood of the Lamb as I continue to walk the straight and narrow path to the point that I will meet Him face to face. I will answer to Him at that time for any hatred in my heart, which I am unafraid to do.

I am watching Obama not because of his skin color, a completely trivial and inconsequencial thing, but rather because of the policies that the current government is bringing about.

Make no mistake that I blame the Republicrats as much as the Demicans in this as this plan has been in the works for some time now. I also don't put it squarely on the shoulders of Obama since I believe the plan cannot be changed by elected officials. There are too many powerful people behind the scenes pulling the strings.

If you really think that this is a Demican/Republicrat issue, then you're missing the bigger picture, the one painted by the study of history and examination of Bible prophecy. The mystery of iniquity has been at work for longer than any civilization has been around and is much smarter and much more deceiptful than we understand.

Personally, related to the story, I don't agree with the toying with embryos, especially when there are other options. Moreover it is my understanding that the policies in place before didn't prevent research, but simply held back government funding for it. So in a time like this when we're already spending more than ever before in history and almost $10 trillion in debt, are we opening up the coffers for something businesses could spend their own money on?


Oh please get over it already. He won. Jesus will come with or without Barack Obama. What bothers you is that a black man has the highest seat in gov in this country. You'll be in hell with the rest of the Nazi, Klan and Skin head.

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