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August 10, 2009



I disagree, a simple look at Bible prophecy points to the clear distinction of Yeshua the Christ coming from a lineage traced back to the first Adam and it was through Israel that the Messiah came not to their glory, but for His glory. A peculiar people was chosen and set apart from the world and through them foreshadows of what came through Yeshua were written for all the world to see that God is who He says He is and means what He says. The lineage of Christ for anyone who accepts the Bible is clearly stated by several of the 12 disciples.

The Jews as a people for the most part don't believe the prophesied Messiah has come and Islam views him as "a" prophet. This fits more with the New Age view of Yeshua as one of many "instructors" who came. The main difference with the New Age movement that I can see is that focus on finding God is within oneself whereas the three main monotheistic faiths view God as external to themselves. With Jews, it is simply a lack of observation of the fulfillment brought about through Yeshua, a blindness that will be lifted leading to them calling on Him and His return in glory. With Islam, it was a mix-and-match of Old and New Testament from the start along with other beliefs thrown in to build this religion as it is today. I would recommend getting some background from Craig's website http://www.prophetofdoom.net.

Christianity is the only belief system that recognizes the fulfilled prophecies of Yeshua and His own words as well as those of the prophets showing the mystery of God revealed through the Gospel of Christ for the salvation of mankind. This doesn't negate His earthly origins through the nation of Israel, it reinforces the reality of God's plan as foretold by the Old Testament prophets further validating the Word of God as Truth.

That other beliefs twist the Truth of Yeshua doesn't negate His earthly lineage and to make that case hides many fulfilled prophecies that further build faith in God and His Word. Yeshua is the Word made flesh, fulfillment of what was foretold and of God's plan for redemption, inseperable in this watchman's opinion.

Mark Golding

The problem is that the Old Part of the Bible is a part of Islamic culture. So much so that the orthodoxy of both Islamic and Christian scholars is fundamentally about Judaizing Jesus Christ, which retrofits Him to the Old Testament using a twisted cultural portrayal of God that is absolutely nothing to do with Christ.
Hence we have two religions with a twisted and warped personality, both of whose histories bring shame upon Jesus' teaching and life.
Jesus is OUT of the Bible. He is sick of having the Bible dumped on Him.


the devil is kicked out of heaven and arrives playing jesus. He will fool many including Muslims, Jews and Christians.

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