October 13, 2009

Report suggests Solana’s term will be extended beyond October — What Holly Thinks For those of us who have been following the theory that the 70th Week of Daniel began Jan. 1, 2007, things keep getting more interesting. First, Javier Solana — the chief architect of the new European Neighbourhood Policy which launched Jan. 1, 2007 — announced that he planned to retire October 17. Now with this date only days away, he has been asked to extend his term until the end of October and possibly — according to a new report released yesterday by the Brookings Institution — until at least the end of December. The purpose for the extension is so EU leaders can sort out all the legal issues involved with the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, if and when it is fully ratified. Read the report here. Second, Solana’s term as the secretary general of the Western European Union is also set to expire Nov. 24, and certain EU leaders would like to see the entire WEU dissolved. Yet, according to the same Brookings report, the WEU is “unwilling to be dissolved.” This news is fascinating to those of us who have considered the possibility that the 10 WEU nations may be the 10-nation military alliance foretold in Bible prophecy. Third, Solana announced his retirement at a very ironic time — when he was poised to become the High Representative for Foreign Security and Defense under the Lisbon Treaty — a position with many increased powers. Did he perhaps hope that, by retiring from his current post, he would be appointed to that new position when the Lisbon Treaty finally went into force? So, what will be the fate of Solana, the WEU and the Lisbon Treaty? All we can do is continue to wait and see.


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