December 09, 2009

The 10 Nations: Still Going Strong — What Holly Thinks FP has a very active discussion board, and everyday I try to check in on some of the conversations taking place. Recently, I noticed a question some of our board members asked about if the Western European Union was still made up of 10 nations or if it had expanded to 27 nations. I knew it was still made up of 10 nations, but didn’t weigh in on the discussion because I was confident one of the board members would find out the answer and share it with the others. I was right. One of our members e-mailed the question directly to the Assembly of the Western European Union. He received a reply from the assembly’s press officer, Corine Caballero-Bourdot. I wanted to reprint the answer here because I think it shows a couple of important things. First, it helps clear up confusion about the alliance by explaining the difference between the WEU (the 10-nation military alliance) and the Assembly of the WEU (a 27-nation parliamentary assembly that oversees the work of the WEU). The WEU remains a 10-nation military alliance that has risen out of the ashes of the old Roman Empire, and, as such, should continue to be watched by students of prophecy. Second – and most fascinating – the answer reveals that the 10-nation alliance is still going strong. It hasn’t been dissolved by the Lisbon Treaty and, in fact, appears to have no intention of being dissolved any time soon. Note how the press officer calls the treaty that created the 10-nation alliance “the most binding mutual defence treaty in the West” – even surpassing NATO.


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