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December 18, 2009



I watched this video skeptically and I'm not convinced it's real but it's definitely well done and worth a look. You get an occasional glimpse of the driver of the car and his expression seems appropriate and genuine. What you don't see is any reaction from other people in viewing range of the object. When the car turns onto a busy street with the floating pyramid in plain view, traffic flows normally. Either Russians are very complacent when faced with history-making events or nobody saw the thing that wasn't really there.

I saw Mt. St. Helens blow on a clear day from Seattle, long after the massive eruption. I think that's an equivalent event to this. In Seattle, people slammed on their brakes in the middle of the streets and skidded to a halt. People filled the rooftops of office buildings, companies shut down so people could watch the plume. OK, it was the middle of the night in Moscow, but nobody stopped to get out and look. Seems odd.

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