February 01, 2010

A One-World Government? God is Laughing! Yes, there really is a collaboration to create a one-world government. This government is to include a ten-region world government, a new international monetary system and the uniting of all world religions into what they, themselves, call a New World Order. Sound familiar? Before you write me off as a quack job, you should take a look at the already-completed Constitution for the Federation of Earth. This document was created over a period of nine years (1982 – 1991) through the efforts of an organization known as The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), established in 1958. According to Gary Kah, former high-ranking government liaison and author of the book En Route to Global Occupation, WCPA has been “charged with the task of actually bringing us into the New World Order.” They’ve gotten a pretty good jump-start on their mission. “As part of its role of putting the final pieces into place [for a world government] the association has assembled a Provisional World Parliament,” Kah explains. The 12th session of that parliament is scheduled for June 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia. A number of the most powerful New Age (read: occult) organizations, such as Lucis Trust (originally founded by occultist Alice Bailey as The Lucifer Press — a printing and distribution arm for the Theosophical Society) and World Union (another occult organization heavily involved in the politics of planning and implementation of the world government) are well connected with all the one-world political societies, which in turn feed directly into the World Constitution and Parliament Association.


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