March 30, 2010

Hutaree Suspected Former NATO Chief of Being the Antichrist The Hutaree Militia of southern Michigan, whose recently arrested leader and members consider themselves to be Christian warriors, evidently feared that a little-known (to most Americans) European politician and bureaucrat might be the antichrist. A lengthy posting on the Web site, headlined “10 Horns of the European Super State; Mr. Europe and 7 years of peace in Israel,” discusses at length—exhaustive length—a theory that Javier Solana, the former secretary-general of NATO and also a former senior official of the European Union, could be the antichrist. Part of the evidence for this notion, which seems to be popular among millennialist Christians and militia adherents, is the fact that most Americans have never heard of Solana—the reason for this being, according to the treatise’s author, a conspiratorial “media blackout” on Solana’s existence and activities. The far-right American theory about Solana’s secret identity is news to European diplomats who are familiar with Solana’s lengthy and distinguished career, first as a Spanish government official and subsequently as an international bureaucrat. “I think they’ve got the wrong man,” says Anthony Smallwood, chief spokesman for the European Union’s Washington diplomatic mission. “Mr. Solana has now retired and is an elderly private gentleman. This is quite insane.” He adds that Solana used to make regular trips to Washington in the course of his work for NATO and the EU but “took few precautions” to ensure his personal security. (Earlier this week, Solana was reported to have been traveling in the former Soviet republic of Georgia with former U.S. deputy secretary of state Strobe Talbott).


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