May 18, 2010

Last-Day Oppressors: Honored Elites and an Indebted World Order – Part 2 In this article, we continue from Part I in which we began to review three major conditions that the Bible indicates will typify the world order at the very end of the last days. We were pursuing the question of whether government debt plays a prophetic role. We had been drawn to this question, given the unprecedented rise of government debt around the world over the last few years. To date we have reviewed one of these a priori conditions — a worldwide wealth skew. 2. Indebtedness as a Necessary Device. The idea that economies can be regulated and managed without losses or periodic downturns is born of a world that seeks its salvation in materialism. Such a world is not possible during this dispensation. Governments who support this idea with interventions and hocus-pocus policies will find themselves in deeper debt as never before. This is what we see unfolding, and it is a necessary aspect of a widening wealth skew. As already pointed out, for someone to become rich, someone else must be coaxed or foolish enough to become steeply indebted or indentured. Here, as we see, indebted governments play a facilitating role of transferring wealth from the masses to the rich. But, does the Bible support the idea that the “antichrist system” will be an indebted entity? Actually, our understanding on this question first came from reading the prophecies of Habakkuk. Carefully consider these verses:


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