June 18, 2010

Give Credit to God For Israel’s Survival Words are inadequate to express our heartfelt congratulations to the nation and people of Israel on the wonderful occasion of their recent 62nd Independence Day anniversary. To say that Israel is unique is an understatement. There has never been another nation like it in all the history of the world. Many individuals deserve credit for what Israel is today. No one can argue, however, that most of the credit must go to the God of Israel. It is He who fulfilled His promises through His prophets to regather the Jewish people to their ancient homeland and to reestablish their special little nation. And it is He who has also fulfilled His prophecies to preserve and prosper the people. We understand how significant it is for the nation to observe two holidays back to back: First, Israel observes the solemn Remembrance Day in honor of all the nation’s fallen soldiers, followed immediately by the joyful celebration of the rebirth of the nation, Independence Day. No other nations of the world can identify with the deep emotions Israelis experience on these two back-to-back days. No other nation has experienced what Israel has gone through to become the restored, free and prosperous nation that it is today. We understand that nearly every Israeli has lost a family member or friend in the several wars that Israel has had to fight to survive. So, for every Israeli, Remembrance Day is certainly a deeply heartfelt and solemn time. But at sunset, the day of mourning is over and the day of rejoicing begins. Israelis turn from weeping to rejoicing about what the sacrifices of the lives of their loved ones have produced — a safe and secure Jewish homeland, after thousands of years of exile and persecution. No celebration anywhere can compare with the emotion of Israel’s Independence Day!


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