July 14, 2010

Jerusalem-Golan Bill Goes to the Knesset for Final Vote A national referendum will have to be held before any part of the Golan Heights or eastern Jerusalem is given away, according to a bill that has now passed a significant hurdle. The Knesset House and Law Committees, sitting in a joint session, voted to approve the bill, meaning that it can be raised in the Knesset for its final readings. If it passes these, it becomes law. The joint committee passed the bill by a 7-2 vote, despite the government’s opposition as manifest in its rejection of the proposal in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation. Many Knesset Members were thrilled with the results. Likud MK Yariv Levine, the driving force behind the proposal, said, “This law has supreme national importance in preserving national unity, and will obligate every Israeli government to reach an agreement that is acceptable to the majority of the nation.” MK Carmel Shama, also of the Likud, said that today is a “holiday” for the Golan, while MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union), a member of the joint committee, said, “We will soon bring the bill to the Knesset for its final vote, and I have no doubt that it will pass by a wide majority. The voters’ desire not to have sovereign territories of the country ceded without asking the populace first, will become law.” “This bill effectively puts an end to the hallucinations of those who hope to give away the Golan or divide Jerusalem in exchange for empty promises,” Eldad added.


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