August 09, 2010

PM slams Hamas in flotilla probe Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, appearing Monday before the Turkel committee probing the flotilla incident of May 31, went on the offensive and said that in order to deal with the flotilla incident as a whole, it was necessary to clarify the government’s policy toward Hamas. Over the last decade, Netanyahu said, Hamas has increasingly received aid from Iran “which also calls to erase Israel from the map,” and has essentially turned the area into ‘Hamastan.’ “Iran provided Hamas with thousands of rockets, missiles and other arms” which were used, and are still being used, against Israel, he said. Netanyahu said that Hamas was responsible for last week’s attacks on Ashkelon and the missiles fired at Eilat. He quoted Supreme Court Justice Dorit Beinisch saying that Hamas was ruled by an organization that works tirelessly to attack Israel and completely violates international law in initiating indiscriminate violent actions against men, women and children. “Since this committee is dealing with the question of international law, I want to point out that Hamas is in violation of at least four war crimes: The call for genocide, directed fire at civilians, the use of civilians as human shields, and preventing the Red Cross from visiting kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit.” Without mentioning the Goldstone Commission by name, Netanyahu said that “another committee, which claims that human rights and international law is important to it, for some reason almost completely ignored these central points.”


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