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August 22, 2010


knows best

Even though iran wishes to force the U.S. to squat or get off the pot about the Obama whitehouse pathetic attempts to act like a man against iran's nuclear threats to the western world,,iran can easily be wiped off the globe ,well before iran can make a dent to the western world' suffering that iran has yet to prove it's capabilities of nuclear superiorty of the world.I do see israel in the very near future teaching iran a lesson of nuclear domimance,before the U.S. has a chance to give iran a severe ass kicking and iran knows this.That is why iran wants to provoke
the U.S. to step in with the present passive leaders now,to prevent any nuclear action at all.Israel knows best when it is time to react and may GOD guide Israel's
fingers as they press the buttons to release their holy fury on such a defiant country and it's arrogant leader

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