September 20, 2010

Israeli Researcher: Palestinians Not A Partner for Peace The director of an Israeli research and analysis organization that examines Palestinian newspapers, television and schoolbooks believes that the Palestinians are not laying the groundwork for peace with Israel, but are in fact doing the opposite. Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), cited examples from Palestinian leaders and media that show the Palestinians continue to reject Israel’s right to exist, continue to demonize Israel and continue to glorify terrorism. Speaking with Bridges for Peace, Marcus said that even the so-called moderate Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership is failing to prepare their people for peace. Said Marcus of Palestinian demonization of Israel, “All of this, coming from so many different directions and so many different ways, makes us conclude that Israel does not yet have a peace partner.” As one example also posted on the PMW Web site in late August, Marcus pointed to a children’s PA TV program in which a moderator asks a little girl what occupied cities she has visited. When the child lists Hebron, which is in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria], the PA TV moderator corrects the child and notes that city is liberated. The moderator then lists as occupied cities several Israeli cities such as Jaffa, Tel Aviv’s sister city, and Haifa, a northern coastal city that is one of Israel’s largest cities. Marcus points out that such a position is being presented by PA TV, which is controlled by the office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. “[Abbas] is supposed to be the most moderate, who we’re supposed to be able to reach an agreement with,” he said.


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