November 26, 2010

‘Iran is a latter-day Nazi Germany’ If it were up to Reza Kahlili, he would immediately order a bombing of his native Iran, in order to halt its nuclear program and bring down the Islamic Republic and the ayatollahs. And since he doesn’t believe the United States will do that, he hopes Israel will. “I strongly believe that it’s 1938 all over again,” he says in a telephone interview from California, when the world groveled before Germany, hoping to appease the looming Nazi monster. “The difference is that this time the consequences would be much worse than World War II. The West had the opportunity to overthrow this regime in Tehran without firing a single bullet last year when the mass uprising happened, but now I truly believe it will be war whether we want it or not, and for that reason I think we should determine the terms of it. The question to ask ourselves is: Do we want to confront them now or when they have the nukes? That’s going to make a big difference to the millions who will lose their lives once they get the nukes.” We can, of course, make light of these words when they are spoken by Kahlili, an outspoken opponent of the ayatollahs who identifies with conservative right-wing circles in the United States, and see them as nothing more than warmongering, personal paranoia or dangerous delusions. And yet they are worth hearing because they come from a CIA agent who carried out espionage missions within the Revolutionary Guards, the very backbone of the regime.


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