January 12, 2011

IDF commander warns Tel Aviv will be target in next war Exactly 20 years after Iraqi missiles fell for the first time in central Israel at the start of the first Gulf War in January 1991, the commander of the Dan region in the IDF Home Front Command says that “danger has returned to Tel Aviv. Under any war scenario, it will be hit by a large number of missiles, missiles that are precise and lethal. However, our preparedness to deal with such missiles has also improved.” Apart from the 20th anniversary date, the willingness of Colonel Adam Zussman to be interviewed about threats posed to the region under his command, comprised of 16 local councils and Tel Aviv, with 1.5 million residents, underscores IDF concerns about possible war scenarios. Such scenarios point to a large number of missiles that are expected to fall on cities in the Gush Dan region, hundreds of casualties and destroyed buildings. Such scenarios encourage the municipalities to develop emergency plans. The Home Front Command now recognizes that the time has come to clarify to the public what might be in store. “Clearly, the Dan region is the most threatened area,” Colonel Zussman says. “All districts are now in range of the enemy, but terror organizations have the ability and motivation to target the Dan region. This time, in contrast to the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead, long-range weapons are in large quantity, and they are more lethal. We know what the missiles and rockets will do, in terms of the scope of casualties and destruction to infrastructure and buildings.”


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