February 04, 2011

The emerging Muslim Union PREPARE [Wa-a-iddou] is a single Arabic word that appears on the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood's logo written under the sign of the two swords, the symbol of Islamic Jihad. "Prepare" actually comes from the Quranic verse: "Prepare against them as you are able of force and cavalry to terrorize Allah's enemy and yours. …" (Al-Anfal:60) Warfare and terror is their motto. It started when many Egyptians were angered at Arabia's collaboration with the West in the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, especially since the Caliphate fell with it. That dismantling was the primary reason the Muslim Brotherhood was created four years later in 1928; its sole purpose was the resurrection of the Caliphate. They made inroads, especially after the failure of Arab Nationalism; the Brotherhood gave birth to the slogan "Al-Islam-Huwa-Alhal" (Islam is The Solution), which became their main slogan. The Brotherhood even adapted and learned from the al-Qaida experience as well as the revolution in Iran, which contributed to a bad image of Islam in the West. Despite this, many Arabs envy Iran's success, especially since it grew in influence, becoming a formidable power in the region after the fall of Iraq, influencing Syria, Lebanon and the Arab Gulf states, creating a Shiite horn that extended from Iran west through Iraq and Syria into Lebanon, with its tip pointing at Israel's head. Iran wants to dominate the Middle East and emerge as a mini-super power in the region. What we now see forming as a result of the latest unrest in Tunisia and Egypt is the beginning pieces of another puzzle, another horn – the Sunni alliance. But this one is different. Using new Western-style slogans of democracy, freedom and social justice, it comes across as a lamb while its inner soul speaks like a dragon. Soon, it will emerge with the two horns of a Shia base in Iran and a Sunni one based temporarily in Egypt; it will find its resting place somewhere else the West never expected. This Sunni horn sparked by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is currently seeking a non-Arab axis to represent it. To the West, this red dragon will come as a shocking surprise.


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