April 14, 2011

EU and NATO in a tail spin Flying on autopilot. If no one takes a quick leap into the pilot’s chair, the ground will soon be coming up to meet us. We’re on a collision course with the rough terrain of a changing world, and the turbulence buffeting Europe is of a kind not seen for more than 20 years. But back then we had a steady pilot – the United States – and a course to steer by. Not one single international call to resolve the Libyan crisis isn’t split by dissension. Yesterday [13 April] at the first meeting of the so-called Contact Group, held in Doha (Qatar), the differences that divide Europe became readily apparent, with France and Britain on one side and Germany on the other. The disagreement this time was over channelling funds and weapons to the rebels, just as in the Security Council there had been dithering over the resolution to allow military intervention to halt Gaddafi’s advance on Benghazi. The Cold War ended at a time when we had an efficient and conscientious driver at the wheel: the United States. During the wars in the former Yugoslavia, the wheel was still in Washington’s hands. Clinton was instrumental in stabilising the Balkans and defeating Serbia, while the Europeans left to themselves were unable to solve a thing. The current Arab crisis exposes the cruel reality of the rudderless world we live in, given vivid expression by Washington’s stepping back into its new bystander role, leaving NATO to direct the operation to restrain Gaddafi militarily.


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